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Azelhof, foals and aquatraining

Back at full gallop

At A&J Sporthorses, both the horses and ourselves have been champing at the bit with impatience. Our aim now is to get back to full gallop after the long weeks off due to the coronavirus. And that’s what we’re already doing, with a brand-new website and media releases about our horses.

To Azelhof with 10 young horses

On 23rd and 24th May, we set off with ten young horses to the Gold-Silver-Bronze-Young Horses 4-5-6-7-year-olds circuit training at Azelhof Horse Events in Lier. It was a real stroke of luck for us and we made many (safe) contacts and are now looking forward to the first competitions.

Happy news: two foals

Hurrah! Our first two foals have been born. On 13th May 2020, a mare, with Corizo Z pedigree. And then, on 23rd May 2020, a stallion with Chacoon Blue pedigree. Both are in excellent health and have taken their first steps in the wonderful world of A&J Sporthorses with enthusiasm and style.

Preview: aquatraining for horses

As of September 2020 A&J Sporthorses will open aquatraining facilities for horses. You and our four-legged friends can come for much more than just a paddle. Aquatraining is suitable for all horses and helps maintain and fine-tune their fitness. The water environment is also ideal for horses recuperating after an injury, operation or illness.

What form does aquatraining take? Think of it as a treadmill in a tank of water: we adjust the volume and rate of water to suit the needs of the horse. Just as it does for humans when they go swimming, aquatraining reduces the weight created by gravity. This enables horses to train without placing stress on their joints.

The results of aquatraining have been proven by various practical studies: it improves the overall posture and back of horses. They become more mobile and their stamina improves. They also get stronger muscles and benefit from good blood circulation.